Save jobs!

Do you have employees for whom you temporarily do not have jobs?

Do you currently lack employees?

We have a solution for you!


In the times of coronavirus disease and reducing production in enterprises, many of Czech companies face problems with an actual employment of their employees. On the other hand, the companies which currently, e.g. due to quarantine or taking care of their family members, lack employees would welcome assistance of employees coming from other companies.

One of the possibilities is to apply the §43a of the Labour Code, the so called temporary assignment of an employee – the agreement to temporary “lend” an employee for a job performance at the premises of another employer. The temporarily assigned employee stays employed by the original employer, however, the work tasks are being given by the company to which he/she was assigned. The link for the full text of this section is available here (in Czech only).

In this context, the Czech Chamber of Commerce integrated and created a concept which offers the companies to “share” their production capacities. The electronic platform of the “job exchange” is being provided to the Chamber by the company Jurent CZ which has a longtime experience with the labour sharing.

Besides, the dispatching and HR advisery is being provided by the partner company MONTO, s.r.o., member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, which operates the Assistence Office of the Czech Chamber of Commerce in Serbia with a business reach to other territories abroad.

The Save jobs! project was initiated by the Vice Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs and the Chairman of the Subcommittee on ICT, Telecommunication and Digital Economy of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Mr. Martin Jiránek, Czech Pirate Party, after a discussion with the head of the Information Technology and Telecommunication Association, Mr. Zdeněk Zajíček.

With regards to all the above mentioned, the Czech Chamber of Commerce is now introducing a clear assistance to employers without work orders and therefore having unemployed labour capacity and vice versa. Moreover, considering that the Czech Chamber of Commerce plays an important role with regards to the coordination of employers when it comes to employing foreign workers and responds with a growing intensity to the suggestions of foreign workers who lost their jobs, we would very much like to make use of a similar functionality for the foreign workers as natural persons.

In case of any related questions do not hesitate to call the infoline +420 800 222 121 or send an e-mail directly to Mr. Tomáš Zelený from the Czech Chamber of Commerce (