Foreign relations

The Czech Chamber of Commerce helps Czech businesspeople enter foreign markets. We help Czech companies assert their business goals and interests abroad, inform them about the conditions of entering various foreign markets, and support their search and establishment of contacts with their potential business partners abroad. Lastly, we enable their participation in various international events aimed at medium and small size companies.

Foreign business missions

  • We organize business missions accompanying the official representatives of the Czech Republic which often includes organizing business forums and finding the appropriate partners for networking and potential cooperation as well. We also organize informal meetings of businesspeople with state representatives such as the President, Speakers of both chambers of the Parliament, the Prime Minister, ministers, etc.
  • We organize bilateral business meetings abroad without the participation of any official representatives of the Czech Republic. These meetings are organized with cooperating foreign business associations with the aim of finding strategic partners for the Czech businesspeople.
  • We organize visits of the international trade fairs where we secure the bilateral meetings of Czech companies and their foreign counterparts. We ensure registration in catalogues of exhibitors for the Czech companies as well.

Events organized in the Czech Republic

  • We welcome business delegations accompanying representatives of foreign countries and organize business forums and seminars followed by contact meetings. For those events we invite Czech companies based on the foreign companies’ profiles that are interested in finding new business partners. Events can also be organized online.
  • We organize seminars, round tables, and similar business meetings aimed at particular territories or issues. Presenting at these events are often experts for export financing, taxes and tariffs, legal aspects, logistics, intercultural aspects, trade ethics, etc.

Engagement in the EU and national development programs

  • We are engaging in programs for small and medium sized companies within the EU. Those programs present effective and financially advantageous establishment and development of business contacts and business activities on the basis of previously prepared contact meetings. They support export, cooperation in production, opening of branch offices abroad, cooperation on third markets, etc. The Czech Chamber of Commerce is a national coordinator of those programs, e.g. Asia Invest, East Invest, EuroMed Invest and others.
  • We are also engaging in programs of national cooperation for development, mainly the Aid for Trade which enables businesspeople to act on the opportunities in the priority territories of the development cooperation (Ethiopia, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and other countries).

Demands, offers and tenders

  • We process the demands and offers of foreign companies. Afterwards, we post them on the website of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, just as we post interesting territorial information from all over the world including the tenders from foreign countries.