Business people and tradesmen alike have to, with regards to the new legislation concerning the coronavirus and in the times of the emergency state, communicate with the authorities. The limited capacity and shorter opening hours of majority of the institutions, however, complicate for example the process of filing requests or forms. Moreover, not all, tradesmen mainly, have their data boxes set for an on-line arrangement of all the necessities towards the State. Nevertheless, such communication is currently being explicitly recommended to the business people by the authorities.

Czech Chamber of Commerce, therefore, supports the FILETHAT FOR ME (PODEJTO ZA MĚ) which enables dealing with the administrative necessities by experts who are owners of data boxes. The web form serves as an electronic statutory declaration thanks to which both the business people and tradesmen can authorize their expert consultants, with whom they cooperate on a long-term basis, with contacting the State administration.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce addressed the vocational chambers of attorneys-at-law, tax advisers, accountants and auditors with an entreaty for cooperation and services provision with the help of the FILETHAT FOR ME (PODEJTO ZA MĚ) for a discounted price, eventually free of charge.