Education – goals and strategies

Emphasis on education

The Czech Chamber of Commerce puts great emphasis on education. The educational system has to be linked with the labour market. It is necessary to harmonize the offer of the absolvents with the demand of companies. Currently, we see the incompatibility between the graduates’ qualifications and the companies’ requirements as the main obstacle to the development of the Czech economy. Future demographic tendencies will also have a negative impact on the total number of graduates. We are not in a position in which the Czech educational system financed by the public funds should deliver graduates unfit for the labour market.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce fully supports the implementation of quality labour market prediction which could provide us with an answer to the question: Which fields will be sought after in the following 5 to 10 years? Without such predictions we cannot change the focus of the whole educational system because the effects of todays’ actions will show with a delay of several years.