David Hlava – reprezentace ČR v oboru kuchař

Věk: 23, Bydliště: Žatec, Profese: pracující, Učební obor: hotelnictví



Why do you like your job? / Proč máte rádi svou práci?
I love my job for a simple reason because it is an every day opportunity to meet new people and experience new things. There is no other job than hospitality business that allows you to travel around the world and work in the highest standard environment at the same time. 

Which competition experience do you have? / Máte nějakou zkušenost s účastí na soutěžích? Jakou?
I participated in national junior class cooking competition in Czech Republic in 2002, 2003, 2004. And every year accomplished the top 5 and gold award. I also took part in team cooking competition Le Parade des Chef in London 2008 with The Gleneagles hotel team.

How do you prepare yourself for EuroSkills? / Jak se připravujete na EuroSkills?
For a reason that  till this day I don´t exactly know what is the exact load of cook and serve 6060 EuroSkills competition I can not really be preparing myself in any accurate way, other than on daily work in the kitchen base.
What do you want to say to your competitors? Co byste chtěl říci ostatním soutěžícím, Vašim soupeřům?
I have no idea :-) Let´s all have fun and get as much positive experience as possible.

Proč jste se rozhodl pro obor, který studujete/ ve kterém pracujete?
I was afraid of making the same job for 20 and more years with the same people in the same atmosphere. That´s why I like hospitality, where each day brings me something new and interesting.

Jaké je Vaše dosažené vzdělání a Vaše úspěchy?
I graduated at Vocational high school “SHŠ Bukaschool” in Most, Czech Republic. My general work success is the possibility to join the team opening 5stars hotels in Malta, Turkey and Africa. Now I also work in one of the best hotels of the world.

Co očekáváte od EuroSkills?
I expect lots of positive experience, the possibility to discussion and getting new skills, great atmosphere and beautiful country.